1992 Steelers at Oilers (Sep 6, 1992)      


1992 Season

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Cowher's Amazing Coaching Debut!
1992 Steelers 29 at Oilers 24

Bill Cowher's first-ever game as head coach, an amazing preview of a brilliant coaching career to come!

Trailing 14-0 early in the game, Cowher proves he has massive Kahunas, calling a brilliant fake punt on 4th and 15 -- a pass from punter Mark Royals to RB Warren Williams -- that covers 44 yds to the Houston 1-yd line. Barry Foster takes it in a play later to get the Steelers back in the game at 14-7.

On Houston's next drive, rookie Darren Perry's INT results in a Gary Anderson FG, narrowing it to 14-10. As usual, Rod Woodson is phenomenal, snagging 2 of Warren Moon's 5 interceptions including a HUUUGE drive-ending pick in the end zone.

With the Oilers leading 24-22 and poised to land the knockout blow at the Steeler 3-yd line, Moon drops back, finds no one open, scrambles right, and with Jerrol Williams draped around his waist, throws a jump ball into the end zone back to his left. Rod Woodson leaps up and fields the desperation pass like a rebound 1-yd deep in the end zone, ducks a tackle and then streaks 57 yds through traffic to the Oiler 43-yd line.

Facing a suddenly dispirited Houston defense, Neil O'Donnell cooly drives the Steelers 43 yds in 5 plays, capping the drive with a game-winning 9-yd TD pass to Adrian Cooper. Despite coughing up an early fumble/scoop/score that gives Houston their first TD, O'Donnell (chosen by Cowher to succeed Bubby Brister) is particularly clutch all afternoon, hitting 14 of 23 for 223 yds, 2 TDs and perhaps most importantly, 0 Int).

In his first real start, Barry Foster is nearly unstoppable (26 carries, 107 yds, 1 TD) and sets the tone for his amazing breakout season. And although Warren Moon puts up mostly respectable numbers (29 of 45 for 330 yds, 2 TD), his 5 INTs are devastating. A fantastic debut to Cowher's head coaching career and a portend of great things to come.

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