The Famous "Flea Flicker" Play
Bradshaw to Cunningham beats Cleveland in OT, 1978
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Memorable Moment: The Famous "Flea Flicker" Play

Does it get any better than this? For this then-10-year old Steelers fan, watching it unfold with his Browns-loving older brother in 1978, it does not.

This perfectly executed play, one of the most famous and memorable moments in Steelers history, is dubbed "High School Right" (officially named "fake 84 reverse-gadget pass"). On the play, which occurs in overtime, Bradshaw hands off to Bleier, who hands off to Swann, who pitches the ball back to Bradshaw, who throws a bomb to a wide-open Bennie Cunningham for the game-winning TD.

Both teams came into this game undefeated. It was such a HUGE game, and a gadget play like this was a real rarity for Chuck Noll. 1978 was Sam Rutigliano's first year as head coach, and his first of four consecutive near-misses (decided by 6 points or less) at ending the infamous Three Rivers Jinx.

Enjoy the clip, then CLICK HERE to watch the complete game broadcast of the wild, controversial and incredibly memorable "Flea Flicker" game.

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