Super Bowl XXX Steelers vs Cowboys (Jan 28, 1996)      


1995 Season

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Super Bowl XXX Steelers 17 vs Cowboys 27

O'Donnell throws it away, earning MVP honors for Larry "I was just standing there and the ball came right to me" Brown. This is a Super Bowl that will be remembered more for O'Donnell's devastating, head-scratching picks than for any spectacular plays by the Cowboys.

The Steelers are jittery early, and when Dallas jumps out to a 13-0 lead midway through the 2nd quarter after a Jay Novacek TD reception (on an illegal pick play, just sayin'), it looks like another Super Bowl blowout is in the making. But the Steelers keep fightingfight back and grab the momentum in the final seconds of the first half when O'Donnell connects with Yancey Thigpen on a quick TD slant in front of Deion Sanders.

Disaster (INT #1) strikes in the 3rd quarter when Cowboy CB Larry Brown intercepts a HORRIBLE O'Donnell pass to no one and returns it 44 yards, setting up a 1-yard Emmitt Smith plunge that ups the Dallas lead to 20-7. Once again, the Steelers battle back and early in the 4th quarter, Norm Johnson boots a field goal to narrow the score to 20-10.

On one of the gutsiest coaching calls in Super Bowl history, the Steelers perfectly execute a surprise onside kick (recovered in stride by Deion Figures) which ultimately leads to a Bam Morris TD to bring the Steelers to within 3 points of the shell shocked and suddenly glassy-eyed Cowboys.

With momentum filling their sails, the Steelers are driving for the winning score late in the 4th quarter when O'Donnell misfires again. Larry Brown records his 2nd interception of an O'Donnell pass seemingly to him an no one else, returning it 33 yards to the Pittsburgh 6-yard line. Emmitt Smith scores on a 2-yard TD plunge 2 plays later to seal the Cowboy win.

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