2015 AFC Wildcard Steelers 18 at Bengals 16
January 9, 2016
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2015 AFC Wildcard Steelers 18 at Bengals 16

Question: Who dey think gonna beat dem Bengals? Answer: Vontaze Burfict and Pac-Man Jones. lol :)

The Steelers seem to have the game firmly under control late in the 3rd when Roethlisberger beats a blitz with a quick pass to Antonio Brown, who spins out of one tackle, steps over another and races 60 yds to the Cinci 10. Two plays later, Martavis Bryant makes a RIDICULOUS head-over-heels catch, snagging the ball high then doing a complete flip while pinning the ball to his butt to extend Pittsburgh's lead to 15-0.

But on the last play of the 3rd quarter, everything changes. Vontaze Burfect sacks Ben, bringing him down HARD on his right shoulder and knocking him out of the game. With Ben sidelined and the rain coming down harder, the Steelers rapidly blow their lead, doing nothing on offense behind backup QB Landry Jones while allowing Cinci to score on 3 consecutive drives, capped by A.J. Green's 25-yd TD catch with 1:50 left.

On Pittsburgh's next offensive play, Landry Jones throws an INT right to Burfict. With 1:36 remaining, Cinci has the lead, the ball, and a 1st and 10 at the Steeler 26. Game over, right? Wrong. Cinci is Cinci. Instead of taking a knee, RB Jeremy Hill takes a handoff with one job: hold onto the ball. He can't. Amazingly, Ryan Shazier rips the ball away from Hill and the Steelers pounce on it at the Bengal 9.

With 1:23 to play, in comes Roethlisberger, riding a white stallion, to save the day. Playing through the pain, Ben completes 5 of 7 passes and guides the Steelers to the Cinci 47 with 22 seconds left. Ben's next pass to Antonio Brown falls incomplete, but Burfect cheap-shots the defenseless receiver with a brutal shoulder to the head and flags fly for unnecessary roughness.

As Steelers trainers tend to AB on the field, the Bengals argue with the officials and for some reason, Adam "Pac Man" Jones attacks Steelers assistant Joey Porter, drawing an unsportsmanlike conduct call. 30 yds in penalties, and just like that, the Steelers move from the 47 to the 17. Out trots Chris Boswell, who drills the 35-yd chip shot to win the game.

And the rain falls like tears in Cincinnati. Same old Bungles. :)

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