2011 Steelers 17 vs Jaguars 13
October 16, 2011
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2011 Steelers 17 vs Jaguars 13

Rashard Mendenhall rushes for 146 yds and a TD as the Steelers run up a 17-0 first half lead, only to sleepwalk through the the 2nd half and narrowly avoid a comeback by the hapless Jaguars. Roethlisberger throws for 200 yds and a TD on the day, but has more sacks (3) than completions (1) in the 2nd half as the Steelers muster only 70 more yds of offense. Pittsburgh's defense struggles as well. While Blaine Gabbert is sacked 5 times, Maurice Jones-Drew runs for a respectable 96 yds and the Jags dominate time of possession in the 2nd half. This was a game the Steelers should've won and they did, but it was another instance of "playing down to the competition" and eking out a win vs. an inferior team.

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