2008 Steelers 6 at Eagles 15
September 21, 2008
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2008 Steelers 6 at Eagles 15

In all my years of watching Steelers football, I can't ever recall seeing a Steeler QB take a worse beating than Roethlisberger takes in this game. Big Ben is sacked 8 times (Leftwich is sacked once, too), is knocked down at least a dozen more times and is forced to run for his life on nearly every snap.

The offensive line serves as little more than a turnstile for Eagle defenders seemingly coming from everywhere, giving up one jailbreak after another while also being called repeatedly for false starts. Roethlisberger, who comes into the game suffering from a separated right shoulder, fumbles twice, is pressured into a safety on a BAD intentional grounding call in the end zone, and throws an interception, finally leaving the game late in the 4th after his throwing hand is stepped on. Willie Parker manages just 20 yds on 13 carries and the entire rushing output for Pittsburgh is 33 yds.

Despite their offensive woes, the Steeler defense plays extremely well and keeps Pittsburgh in the game until the final minutes. Troy Polamalu and Bryant McFadden each have interceptions, McFadden recovers a fumble, the Eagles manage only 65 yds rushing and McNabb is sacked 3 times.

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