2008 Steelers 14 at Titans 31
December 21, 2008
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2008 Steelers 14 at Titans 31

Never mind what happened on the field. The Titans were hungrier and the Steelers were exhausted and had a letdown after their huge last-second win over the Ravens.

The real story here occurs on the sideline in the waning moments of the game when idiot Titans players Keith Bulluck, LenDale White and Javon Kearse forever seal Tennessee's fate when they desecrate the Terrible Towel by stomping on it, grinding it into the dirt and kicking it.

Did they not learn from Chargers in 1995? Or TJ Houshmandzadeh and the Bengals in 2005??? Because after disrespecting the Towel, the 13-2 Titans go on to lose their next game... and their next (one and done in the playoffs)... and their next... and their next... to the tune of 8 straight losses. Meanwhile, the Steelers go on to win their 6th Super Bowl as Myron Cope smiles down from heaven.

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