2007 Steelers 31 vs Browns 28
November 11, 2007
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2007 Steelers 31 vs Browns 28

Probably my favorite game of the '07 season. After falling behind 21-6 and giving up a pair of long kick returns to Josh Cribbs (including a crazy tip-toe 100-yd TD), Ben Roethlisberger pulls off his best magic act of the season to give the Steelers a critical division victory.

Stats don't begin to convey how great Roethlisberger was in this game. On paper, Ben is a very respectable 23 of 34 for 278 yds, 2 TDs and 1 INT. What the stats don't show are how many times Ben spun disaster into gold with great improvisation, long 3rd down conversions and perhaps most surprisingly, clutch runs.

Late in the game on 3rd and 10, Roethlisberger scrambles up the middle for an unlikely 30 yd TD to give Pittsburgh their first lead of the game. On the ensuing kickoff comes Cribbs' scintillating 100-yd kick return for a TD. Unfazed, Ben coolly leads the Steelers 78 yds in 14 plays. On the drive, Ben converts three 3rd downs including a 3rd and 18 followed by a clutch 10-yd scramble on 3rd and 9 to set up his go-ahead TD pass to Heath Miller to win the game.

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