2002 Steelers 23 at Titans 31
November 17, 2002
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2002 Steelers 23 at Titans 31

Features Tommy Maddox' chilling spinal injury on the last play of the 3rd quarter. Maddox scrambles from the pocket, lunges forward as he's shoe-string tackled by a blitzing Titan, getting off a pass to Randle El for a short gain. As Maddox continues to the turf, Keith Bulluck finishes the tackle. It doesn't seem like a particularly hard hit, but Maddox is motionless afterward and the stadium is deathly quiet during the 15 minutes or so it takes for Maddox to be stabilized and taken from the field in an ambulance.

Thankfully, Maddox' recovery in the following weeks is miraculous. Kordell Stewart comes in and plays admirably for Tommy, rallying the Steelers from a 31-7 deficit and making it a game. Stewart hits 13 of 17 for 124 yards & 2 TDs in the 4th quarter, and the Steelers nearly nearly recover the final onside kick.

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