2002 Steelers 23 at Browns 20
November 3, 2002
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2002 Steelers 23 at Browns 20

In spite of Cleveland jumping out to a 14-3 lead and the seemingly slim margin of victory for Pittsburgh, this is actually an old-fashioned dawggy butt-kicking. Time of possession is an obscene 42:10 to 17:50 in favor of the Steelers, who also have a 200-yard edge in total offense and a 25-9 advantage in first downs.

While Cleveland's leading rusher amasses a pitiful 19 yards, Zeroue piles up 111 yds on 29 carries. The Browns make three big plays -- a Northcutt 87-yd punt return for a TD, a 63-yd pass to Morgan (which sets up a short TD) and a late 31-yd TD pass to Morgan -- but are able to muster little else all day.

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