2001 Steelers 16 vs Bengals 7
October 7, 2001
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2001 Steelers 16 vs Bengals 7

This week 4 matchup ends up being the inaugural game at Heinz Field because the NFL postponed week 2 in the wake of the horrific 9/11 attacks. I was fortunate enough to attend this game in person. My most memorable moment from the game (and the loudest cheer of the day) came at halftime when President Bush announced via the Jumbotron that the U.S. had begun air strikes against Afghanistan. The whole stadium erupted into cheers and waving American flags, which were handed to each person as we entered the gates. The entire stadium was transfixed, all eyes glued to the Jumbotron, with flags raised high into the air. It was a surreal experience and a scene of national unity that I'll never forget.

The game itself is a dominating performance by the Steelers on both sides of the ball, despite the relatively close final score. The Steelers outrush the Bengals 275-65, led by Jerome Bettis' 23-carry, 153-yard day. On his first touch, the Bus rumbles off right guard for 48 yds, eclipsing the 10,000-yard career milestone a few carries later.

But despite owning a 248-68 yardage advantage at halftime, the Steelers lead only 10-0 thanks to failed 4th down attempts, turnovers and multiple missed scoring opportunities. Cinci briefly shows signs of life, narrowing the score to 13-7, but a late Stewart-to-Ward 24-yd pass sets up Kris Brown's 48-yd FG to seal it with 1:52 left.

Footage includes some KDKA pregame coverage, then cuts to CBS coverage of the Afghanistan strikes, including President Bush's address to the nation. The game is joined in progress with 11:27 left in first quarter and includes commercials and halftime war coverage

Below: Our tickets and commemorative medallions from the game.

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