2000 Steelers 20 at Browns 23
September 17, 2000
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2000 Steelers 20 at Browns 23

The infamous "Wham, Bam, No Thank You, Graham" game, broken down by the numbers.

ZERO: Number of timeouts remaining when Kent Graham takes an unforgivable sack instead of throwing ball away with 8 seconds left, costing the Steelers the game. Also the number of times Jerome Bettis should've been allowed to throw a pass. His wounded duck INT in the red zone should've been shot out of the sky.
ONE: The number of catches by #1 draft choice Plaxico Burress. Also the number of fingers extended on-camera by Cleveland punter Chris Gardocki after Joey Porter clocked him.
TWO: The number of TDs thrown by sophomore QB Tim Couch. Also number of Pittsburgh's consecutive losses to Cleveland.
THREE: The number of sacks by Browns' #1 draft choice Courtney Brown. Also the number of Couch completions over 35 yds.
FOUR: The number of Kent Graham passes smacked down at the line by Cleveland.
FIVE: The number of times I vomited after the game.

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