1997 Steelers vs Oilers (Sep 28, 1997)      


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1997 Steelers 37 vs Oilers 24

A game I was fortunate enough to attend. Missing first minute and a half of game (Oilers 3-and-out). Without question, Kordell Stewart is the player of the game (16 of 24, 244 yds, 1 TD, 0 Int, 6 runs, 24 yds, 2 TD), threading the needle all afternoon and seemingly making big plays at will. In addition to scoring 3 TD's of his own (2 rushing, 1 passing), Stewart consistently finds the open man and hits his receivers with remarkable precision all afternoon.

The pass rush that had been largely non-existant during the previous 3 games of the season has a coming out party with 7 sacks of Steve McNair and the secondary looks good for the first time as well, forcing a pair of McNair INTs (Kirkland, Woolford). Greg Lloyd also makes his presence known with rumblin', stumblin', bumblin' 61-yd fumble recovery that results in a Steelers TD by Jason Gildon. After falling behind 37-9, Tennessee adds a few garbage points late, but this one is a blowout from the start.

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