1997 Steelers at Jaguars MNF (Sep 22, 1997)      


1997 Season

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1997 Steelers 21 at Jaguars 30 MNF

Another tough loss in Jags country. In spite of a miserable first half performance (particularly by the secondary), the Steelers play excellent football in the 2nd half and are clinging to a 21-20 lead in the final minutes of the game. Just when it seems Pittsburgh has it wrapped up, a personal foul negates a huge 3rd down sack, and the Jags convert their good fortune into the go-ahead FG (23-21).

Stewart moves the Steelers into position to kick the game winner on the final play, but a poor snap leads to a blocked FG which the Jags return for a TD. On the bright side, Bettis and Kirkland are outstanding. This game also features a couple of humorous moments when a) Bettis is pushed out of bounds and into the bench where he casually sits down and crosses his legs so seamlessly it looks like it was planned, and b) Bill Cowher nearly comes onto the field to make a tackle following the blocked FG at the end of the game.

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