1997 AFC Championship Steelers vs Broncos (Jan 11, 1998)      


1997 Season

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1997 AFC Championship Steelers 21 vs Broncos 24

The Steelers hold a 14-10 lead and are driving toward another score at Denver's 35 when Stewart throws a pass to Thigpen into double coverage in the end zone with 4:40 left in the first half. Cornerback Ray Crockett intercepts it, and Elway drives 80 yards on 5 plays for a touchdown with 1:47 left, giving Denver a 17-14 lead.

Not content to kill the clock, the Steelers go to their hurry-up offense and turn the ball back over with 43 seconds left. Carnell Lake is called for pass interference on the first play, a 34-yard penalty that puts the ball on the 20. Four plays later, Elway completes a 1-yard pass to Ed McCaffrey. So what might have been a 21-10 halftime lead for the Steelers becomes a 24-14 Broncos cushion, a deficit that is too difficult for the Steelers to overcome, even though they had bounded from behind seven times to win during the season. Includes 30 minutes of pregame as well as ESPN postgame highlights.

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