1996 Steelers vs Ravens (Sep 8, 1996)      


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1996 Steelers 31 vs Ravens 17

The Steelers pound the Baltimore "Browns" in their home opener. I attended this game and it was one of the strangest scenes I've ever witnessed... Steelers fans and Browns fans practically arm-in-arm uniting against the Ravens. I'm telling you, it was freaky. There were people at the gates handing out orange arm bands to show solidarity with the Browns (I refused to wear one, but many Steelers fans did). Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I would've never believed it possible.

Woodson sets the tone by intercepting Testeverde's first pass and returning it for a 43-yd TD, and sets up another score by recovering a Testaverde fumble. Offensively, the Steelers officially begin the "Jerome Bettis Era" in Pittsburgh. Bettis scores a TD and grinds out 116 yds on 21 carries and Mike Tomczak, officially promoted to starter after the miserable Jim Miller experiment in Jacksonville the week prior, looks sharp and tosses a pair of TDs (Hastings and Johnson).

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