1996 Steelers vs Oilers (Sep 29, 1996)      


1996 Season

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1996 Steelers 30 vs Oilers 16

One of the chippiest games you'll ever see with multiple brawls and multiple player ejections. One of the more notable scuffles occurs before halftime with the Steelers poised to go up 20-0. Whistles have clearly blown, but Oilers DB Marcus Robertson picks up the ball as if it's live and runs toward Tomczak, who steps in front of him ready to make the tackle just in case. Instead of stopping, Robertson gives Tomczak a little shoulder-to-the-chin shot, so Tomczak flings him to the ground. Mayhem ensues as Roberts gets up, flings Tomczak to the ground and begins to drag him around by his facemask. Benches clear and when the refs finally break it up, Robertson is ejected.

The other notable brawl happens in the final 2 minutes of the game when the Steelers take an intentional safety rather than punt. Steelers punter Shayne Edge takes the snap and then takes his time running out of the back of the end zone. As a result, Edge receives a little extra shove out of bounds by a frustrated Oiler. Surrounded by spectators well outside the end zone, Edge retaliates by punching an Oiler in the face with a right hook and you can also see him deliver a two more "right crosses to the solar plexus" as benches again clear and a brawl ensues near the tunnel at the back of the end zone. Bettis gains 115 on 29 carries and also takes probably the hardest shot I've ever seen him take. Includes a postgame interview with Bettis.

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