1994 Steelers vs Oilers MNF (Oct 3, 1994)      


1994 Season

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1994 Steelers 30 vs Oilers 14 MNF

Barry Foster (21 carries, 115 yds, 1 TD) is simply unstoppable, easily eclipsing the 100 yard mark for the 2nd straight week. Houston is powerless to stop Foster as he slashes his way through absolutely gaping holes provided by Pittsburgh's O-line. On at least five occasions, Foster is 10+ yards beyond the line of scrimmage before an Oiler defender so much as lays a finger on him. Bam Morris adds insult to injury with 70 rushing yds and a TD on 17 carries.

Kevin Greene and Greg Lloyd (who knocks Cody Carlson out of the game) are also standouts as Houston suffers 6 sacks and is completely smothered all night. After running the score up 30-0, Gary Jones completely whiffs Ernest Givins late in the game to blow the shutout for the Steelers, but this was an @$$-whipping from start to finish.

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