1994 Steelers vs Bengals (Oct 16, 1994)      


1994 Season

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1994 Steelers 14 vs Bengals 10

Chalk this one up in the "a win is a win" category. The Steelers take a 14-0 first half lead vs. the 0-6 Bengals and it looks as though the rout is on, but instead the Steeler offense goes into a shell. The previously hapless Bengals, who came into the game with a league low 3 sacks for the season, sack Neil O'Donnell a whopping 8 times.

At one point, the Steelers have a sequence that goes like this: sack, sack, punt... sack, incomplete pass, sack and then an illegal procedure on the punt followed by an ineligible man down-field penalty. And while the defense still plays well enough to escape with a win, they were far from their best with even the great Rod Woodson having a rough day. Special teams fared no better, giving up a sloppy TD on a fake field goal turned shovel pass to narrow the score to 14-10.

Thankfully, the Bengals revert to the Bengals with some incredibly stupid play calling at the end (e.g., a 2-yard Broussard power run up the middle on 3rd & 7 from midfield???) and the Steelers escape with a win.

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