1990 Steelers 41 vs Rams 10
October 29, 1990
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1990 Steelers 41 vs Rams 10

The Steelers are victimized for a TD on the opening kickoff, but bounce right back on the strength of 4 Brister TD passes, 3 TDs by Merrill Hoge and overwhelming defense that forces LA into 3 turnovers. Pittsburgh's special teams also amend for their early gaffe with Rod Woodson kickoff returns of 44 and 49 yards (setting up 2 Anderson FGs) and blow the game open in the 3rd quarter when Larry Griffin and Dwight Stone pour in nearly untouched to nail Rams punter Keith English in the backfield at the Rams 6 before he can get the punt away, setting up a 1-yd TD by Hoge.

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