1988 Steelers 9 vs Browns 23 (Oct 2, 1988)      


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1988 Steelers 9 vs Browns 23

Despite truly dismal performances by Bubby Brister and Steve Bono (whose combined effort is an embarrassing 11 of 38 for 111 yds and 4 INTs), and despite suffering 3 turnovers in a 4-play span during the 3rd quarter, the Steelers somehow find themselves trailing only 13-9 midway through the 4th quarter. But with the ball at the Cleveland 35 and a chance to take the lead, Bono throws a terrible pass right to rookie DB Brian Washington, who races 75 yds for a score (running right past Steve Bono, whose tackle angle is every bit as bad as his throw) to break the game open.

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