1986 Steelers 27 vs Lions 17
December 7, 1986
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1986 Steelers 27 vs Lions 17

Louis Lipps (8 catches, 150 yds) scores 2 TDs and sets up a 3rd with a 48-yd catch as the Steelers rally to beat the Lions. Malone finishes 18 of 32 for a season-high 232 yds, but it's the running of Earnest Jackson (147 yds and 1 TD on 28 carries) that wakes up the passing game. Pittsburgh turns 2 INTs of Joe Ferguson into a 10-0 1st half lead before the Lions reel off 17 straight points.

Trailing 17-10, Malone hits Lipps on a bomb for 48 yds, then hits Abercrombie for 9 and Jackson scores from a yard out 4 plays later to make it 17-17. On the Steelers' next possession following a short Lions punt, Lipps scores on a spectacular 39-yd effort to give the Steelers the lead for good, 24-17. On the play, Lipps catches Malone's pass at the Lions' 20, then fights off safety Devon Mitchell with a fantastic stiff arm for the final 15 yds before spinning into the end zone for the score.

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