1986 Steelers 24 vs Browns 27
October 5, 1986
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The Browns fumble 3 times to set up Pittsburgh TDs, miss a 4th-quarter chip-shot 19-yd FG try and can muster only a meager 3-yds per rushing attempt. But the Steelers are even sloppier, committing 9 penalties for 109 yds (including a running into the kicker call which turns a missed Bahr FG into a Cleveland TD) with 3 of their 4 turnovers leading directly to Browns scores. As a result, Cleveland finally -- FINALLY -- beats the Steelers in a mistake-plagued game for their first-ever victory at Three Rivers Stadium.

The Steelers have one last shot late in the game, advancing to the Cleveland 35 with 1:30 left, but Earnest Jackson coughs up the ball -- the Steelers' fourth turnover -- and the Browns run out the clock. And just like that... "The Jinx" is history.

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