1985 Steelers 10 at Giants 28
December 21, 1985
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1985 Steelers 10 at Giants 28

The Giants make the playoffs on the back of Joe Morris, all 5'7" of him, who rushes for 202 yds and 3 TDs on 36 carries, including a 65-yd score in which he breaks 3 tackles and sprints the last 45 yds with his right shoe missing, his sock flapping in the wind. Meanwhile, the Steelers finish with a 7-9 record, their first losing season since 1971. Trailing 28-3 at halftime, Pittsburgh scores a quick TD in the 3rd quarter on a 34-yd pass from 3rd-string QB Scott Campbell to John Stallworth. At that was all she wrote. A disappointing end to a disappointing season.

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