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1983 Steelers 34 at Jets 7

Bradshaw's final game. Despite the absence of Bradshaw due to offseason elbow surgery and a generally miserable season by his backup, Cliff Stoudt, Pittsburgh jumps out to a surprising 9-2 start in 1983 keyed by a strong running game and an opportunistic, ball-hawking defense. But late in the season, the Steelers find themselves in need of a savior after the 3 straight losses put them in jeopardy of missing the playoffs.

Enter Terry Bradshaw.

For his swan song, a still-injured Bradshaw comes off the bench and delivers a brief but truly exceptional playoff-saving performance in the final game of his Hall of Fame career (also the Jets' final game at Shea Stadium). While playing only the 1st quarter and one series into the 2nd quarter, Bradshaw is sharp, effective and fully in charge of the offense, hitting 5 of 8 passes for 77 yds and 2 TD's -- the first to rookie Gregg Garrity, to whom Terry had never previously thrown a pass (not even in practice) and the second to Calvin Sweeney -- shaking the Steelers out of their late-season slump while ensuring them of a playoff spot with the badly-needed win.

Sadly, Terry destroys his ailing arm (which is not yet fully healed from off-season surgery) on his first TD toss, but Bradshaw gallantly continues to play in pain until he throws his 2nd TD. The entire team is energized by the presence of Bradshaw and goes on to simply steamrolls the Jets, ending New York's slim playoff hopes while securing a playoff spot of their own.

In addition to being the final on-field action of Bradshaw's career, this is also the final 100-yd game of Franco Harris' career.

This video is two versions spliced together to complete the entire game. The first portion (approximately 2 hours) is the TV broadcast of the game (outstanding video quality) with the radio call from Jack Fleming and Myron Cope dubbed in. This footage ends late in 4th quarter with Steelers leading 27-7 and is spliced with a lesser quality version with Dick Enberg and Merlin Olsen calling the game, including some nice postgame interviews with Terry Bradshaw and Cliff Stoudt.

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