1982 AFC Playoffs Steelers vs Chargers (Jan 9, 1983)      


1982 Season

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1982 AFC Playoffs Steelers 28 vs Chargers 31

Bradshaw vs. Fouts in a shootout that more than lives up to the hype.

San Diego fumbles the opening kickoff and Pittsburgh recovers for a TD and is up by 7 before either offense takes the field. Bradshaw is unbelievable for most of the afternoon, hitting 24 of his first 26 passes including 14 in a row at one point. Stallworth catches 8 for 116 yds and a TD and while Franco gains only 35 yards rushing, he leads all receivers with a career high 11 catches.

Meanwhile, Fouts is Fouts, matching Bradshaw's 325-yard passing effort with 333 yards of his own. San Diego's offense piles up yardage with Chuck Muncie rushing for 126 yards and both Wes Chandler and Kellen Winslow going over 100 yards receiving.

Even so, the Steelers seem to be on the road to victory with a 28-17 4th quarter lead until a late Bradshaw INT opens the door for a San Diego comeback. Equally damaging is a drop by Cunningham late in the game that ends a promising drive and a host of "almost INT's" that Steelers defenders fail to hang onto.

The key play of the game is a HUGE 4th quarter INT by Blount in the end zone that is nullified by a penalty away from the play on Jack Ham in the final game of his Hall of Fame career. Includes some excellent postgame analysis and player interviews from "The 5th Quarter."

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