1981 Steelers at Seahawks (Nov 8, 1981)      


1981 Season

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1981 Steelers 21 at Seahawks 24

Franco breaks 10,000 career rushing yards as the Steelers snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Early in the 2nd, Bradshaw hits a WIDE open Mark Malone for a team record 90-yd TD bomb and a 14-3 lead.

The Steelers are up 21-3 and seem to be in control when they inexplicably allow Doornink to turn a short pass into a 44-yd TD and the Seahawks are suddenly back in it at 21-10. Trout misses a long 3rd qtr FG attempt that looks more like a squib kick. Early in 4th, Doornink again victimizes Pittsburgh with a short pass that turns into a 34-yd gain to set up a short TD.

The crowd is suddenly into it, Seattle has momentum and Zorn hits Largent with a 53-yd bomb to set up another short TD and a 24-21 Seattle lead. Bradshaw responds with a pass to Franco that appears to go for an 82-yd TD, but a questionable holding call overturns the score.

The Steelers get one last shot, driving to the Seattle 5 with 20 seconds left when in trots David Trout. Poised to send the game to overtime, Trout misses BADLY with what is probably the worst short kick I've ever seen. Perfect snap, perfect hold with the ball placed on the right hash. Trout hooks it so badly that the ball sails FAR wide left. Another game down the tubes due largely to Trout's horrible kicking.

Game features Rocky Bleier in the booth for color commentary.

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