1981 Steelers at Saints (Oct 4, 1981)      


1981 Season

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1981 Steelers 20 at Saints 6

Bradshaw and Swann get started early in this one. Bradshaw hits 12 of 14 for 197 yds by halftime and before the 1st quarter is completed, Swann already has 4 receptions, including a 16-yd TD in which he battles defenders to the back of the end zone and makes a leaping grab of a high pass, followed by a perfect toe-tap to complete the score.

In the 4th quarter, responsibility switches to Stallworth, who breaks down the left sideline, fakes rookie CB Johnnie Poe out of his jock and hauls in a perfect 47-yd TD bomb as Bradshaw beats a blitz to put the Steelers ahead 20-6.

Meanwhile, the Steeler defense tallies 4 INTs and 6 sacks against Archie Manning's backups, Dave Wilson and Bobby Scott. Mel Blount is magnificent with 2 key INTs, multiple passes defensed and a number of backfield tackles for losses against Saints RBs.

Pittsburgh plays like a veteran team and their stars make big plays on both sides of the ball as the Steelers outgain the Saints 406 to 180. But rookie LB Rickey Jackson is a real bright spot for the Saints, already flashing Hall of Fame talent with 7 unassisted tackles, a sack and 2 forced fumbles. In the 2nd quarter, Jackson chases Stallworth almost 40 yds downfield after a completion, grabs him from behind, spins him around and strips the ball.

Significant video interference in the first half, picture clears up nicely for the 2nd half.

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