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1980 Steelers 38 vs Bears 3

Roger Staubach provides color commentary for this game and it's easy to understand why this career move didn't last long. "Bueller? Bueller?" LOL.

This matchup features a fantastic 4-TD performance by Terry Bradshaw (12 of 19 for 217 yds, 4 TD, 1 Int while nursing sore ribs and leaving the game midway through the 3rd period) plus hat tricks by Jim Smith (3 TD on 6 rec. for 131 yds) and Mike Wagner (3 Int).

This is a pretty brutal butt-kicking, folks. Aside from their opening drive, Chicago never really threatens to score again and the Steelers (who are already injury-plagued this early in the season) just pour it on. Even Cliff Stoudt, who sees his first regular season action in this game, throws a TD pass.

The great Walter Payton gets off to a fairly strong start (32 yards on his first 4 carries) but also coughs the ball up twice and is soon facing a 24-0 deficit and never gets a real chance to showcase his talent.

Meanwhile, Mike Phipps shows why he washed out in Cleveland before being knocked out and replaced by Vince Evans, who throws 3 interceptions in just 7 attempts for a whopping 1.8 QB rating.

Features postgame comments from Roger Staubach and Frank Glieber and scoring updates from around the league.

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