1980 Steelers at Chargers (Dec 22, 1980)      


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1980 Steelers 17 at Chargers 26

For the first time since 1971, the Steelers enter a regular season finale playing only for pride. The Chargers, on the other hand, are fighting for their playoff lives. Win, you're in; lose, you're out.

With everything on the line for San Diego, Kellen Winslow is absolutely devastating (10 catches, 171 yds). I realized watching this game that I'm unsure of what the motion rules were in those days because San Diego constantly has two men in motion at the same time with Winslow switching sides with whatever receiver is opposite him in the slot in an effort to confuse the Steelers' coverages. It's like a Chinese fire drill.

The tactic works so well that Pittsburgh soon moves Mel Blount over to cover Winslow exclusively in an effort to slow down the Hall of Fame TE. It doesn't work, and Winslow continues to victimize the Steelers for catch after devastating catch. With Stallworth and Smith out and Swann facing constant double and even triple coverage, Theo Bell (5 rec, 127 yds) has a career night.

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