1979 Steelers at Oilers MNF (Dec 10, 1979)      


1979 Season

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1979 Steelers 17 at Oilers 20 MNF

The Astrodome is rockin' with powder blue pom-poms in another bruising, brutally physical Steelers/Oilers game on Monday Night Football. This game is a bitter Steeler loss, but it also demonstrates how resilient and explosive the Steelers are.

Houston puts on a magnificent performance and dominates statistically, running the ball a whopping 54 times for 190 yards with Earl Campbell carrying 33 times for 109 yds -- the only 100-yd game vs. Pittsburgh of Campbell's entire career -- also making him the only back to rush for more than 100 yds vs. the Steelers during the 1979 season.

But despite Houston's strong performance, it takes a blown call by the officials overturning Larry Anderson's legal recovery of a perfectly executed onside kick at 1:59:10 to thwart a Steelers comeback. Replays prove the ball traveled the necessary 10 yds before Anderson's recovery, but the officials rule otherwise and Bahr's re-kick is recovered by Houston.

Lynn Swann makes numerous incredible plays including snagging a pass that bounces out of Stallworth's hands and scoring a TD on a reverse. Stallworth is equally amazing, making an unbelievable TD grab of a 34-yard Bradshaw desperation bomb with 1:18 remaining at which point Howard Cosell exclaims with both admiration and disbelief, "They don't quit! They will NEVER quit!"

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