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1979 Steelers 14 vs Cowboys 3

For me, the absolute butt-kicking Pittsburgh puts on Dallas in this rematch of Super Bowl XIII puts to bed the endless Cowboys' whining and moaning about questionable calls, dropped balls and bad breaks in the Super Bowl.

The Steel Curtain simply throttles Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett while Franco (18 carries, 102 yds, 2 TD) and Stallworth (7 rec., 98 yds) run wild. The Steelers out-rush Dallas 173-79, including a 48-yd TD burst up the middle by Franco (reminiscent of his TD run in Super Bowl XIII, only a lot longer) which effectively puts this defensive battle out of reach in the 3rd quarter.

It's really over when L.C. Greenwood knocks Staubach out cold in the 4th quarter with an absolutely VICIOUS hit. Jolly Roger is scrambling around, trying to make something happen, and L.C. just UNLOADS on Staubach with a brutal helmet-to-helmet collision. It's not a cheap shot, though; Roger is under pressure, trying to scramble out of the grasp of Banaszak and Dunn and spins head first into the oncoming Greenwood, who just blows him up, sending the ball flying one way and Roger's consciousness the other. Staubach is out cold for several minutes on the field and spends the rest of the game on the sidelines, pondering retirement (or maybe just trying to remember his name).

Also in this game is PROOF (40:30) that the NFL targeted Jack Lambert for personal foul calls. Preston Pearson dives for a 3rd down pass and drops it, and Lambert dives after him, landing on Pearson but clearly letting up to avoid spearing him or driving him into the ground. Of course, flags fly because Lambert is involved, extending the Dallas drive and leading to the Cowboys' only points of the day.

A few plays earlier in the drive (37:20), an amusing exchange happens when Ron Johnson throws Preston Pearson down out of bounds, drawing an obvious unnecessary roughness call. Assistant coach Mike Ditka is so incensed that he whips a football at Johnson, hitting him in the back of the head and drawing an offsetting penalty. LOL.

Nonsense aside, this is a very important, satisfying and convincing victory for Pittsburgh against an outstanding Dallas team that came into the game at 7-1.

Upgraded version created from splicing two versions. First 2-hours & 10 minutes very clean video quality, then spliced with slightly less quality video to complete game.

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