1979 Steelers at Cowboys Preseason (Aug 25, 1979)      


1979 Season


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1979 Steelers 14 at Cowboys 16 Preseason

A close, entertaining game and another example of how much better preseason football used to be. Pittsburgh picks up right where they left off in Super Bowl XIII, with Bradshaw hitting Stallworth to set up a pair of early TDs.

Pittsburgh's first score is keyed by passes to Stallworth and Jim Smith (subbing for an injured Swann) to set up Franco's 1-yd TD plunge on the first play of the second quarter, capping an 80-yard drive. After a Dallas 3-and-out, Bradshaw strikes again with a beautiful long bomb to Stallworth, perfectly placed over Stallworth's shoulder, who catches the ball despite having Aaron Kyle draped all over him. Bradshaw then hits Jim Smith on a quick rollout for an 8-yd TD and a 14-0 Steelers lead.

The Steelers continue to dominate the first half until Dallas capitalizes on a 60-yard punt return to the Steeler 12, setting up a Staubach to DuPree TD. The stars are out en force, with nice performances by Staubach, Blount (1 INT), Mean Joe, Greenwood and more.

Bradshaw continues to sling it, but the Steelers miss a chance to seal the game when Jim Smith has a brilliant catch inside the 5 nullified after stepping out of bounds prior to the catch, and Bahr misses a 42-yd FG. A great special teams play by Bennie Barnes pins the Steelers deep at their own 5, setting the stage for a brilliant late drive by Staubach to set up a game-winning 47-yd FG by Septien that just makes it over the crossbar.

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