1978 Steelers at 49ers MNF (Nov 27, 1978)      


1978 Season

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1978 Steelers 24 at 49ers 7 MNF

Bradshaw & Swann star as the Steelers beat the living crap out of the Niners on Monday Night Football. The Steelers amass 212 rushing yards and Bradshaw dissects San Fran's secondary with ease as Lynn Swann is particularly devastating, grabbing 8 passes for 134 yds & 2 TDs.

The Steel Curtain, meanwhile, is having a blast crucifying Niner QB Scott Bull (who???), who takes some terrifying shots. While the Niners are clearly outclassed, the refs (who are obviously from the Bay area) do their best to even things out, penalizing Pittsburgh 13 times for 102 yards while only penalizing San Fran 1 time for 5 yards.

While this game is supposedly recorded from the source tape, the original broadcast was very blurry (the guy who taped it had some definite antenna problems), so the quality isn't fantastic. At halftime, ABC news provides updates on the shocking murder earlier that day of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone by a disgruntled former staffer.

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