1976 Steelers vs Chargers (Oct 31, 1976)      


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1976 Steelers 23 vs Chargers 0

Game footage starts at the begining of the 4th quarter with the Chargers trailing 3-0. Jack Lambert immediately makes his presence felt, repeatedly smothering Charger RBs for losses. Franco is out with leg cramps, but Bradshaw is back from injury after missing 2 games.

The Steelers break the game open on a crazy sandlot play in which Bradshaw gives the ball to Frank Lewis on a reverse run/pass option. Lewis is looking to throw, but no one is open. Cornered, Lewis reverses field and throws a backward pass to Bradshaw, who tucks it under his arm but suddenly spots Randy Grossman and fires the ball downfield. Grossman makes a shoestring catch at the 9-yd line and two plays later, Bradshaw dives into the end zone on a QB sneak to give the Steelers a 10-0 lead.

The trick play seems to deflate the Chargers and Reggie Harrison (13 carries, 108 yds, all in the 2nd half) repeatedly gashes San Diego for HUGE gains up the middle as the Steelers cruise to a back-breaking TD on a Bradshaw-to-Pough 11-yd crossing pattern.

Footage then cuts to John Banaszak pouncing on a botched pitch-out and rumbling 30 yards for an apparent TD. Unfortunately, the refs rule it a "backwards pass" which apparently makes it a dead ball where Banaczak recovered, taking the TD off the board. No matter, as Reggie Harrison continues to rip off huge runs up the middle against San Diego, and Frenchy Fuqua caps the drive with short TD to salt it away.

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