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Classic Game of the Week!
2004 Steelers 34 vs Browns 23

Big Ben's First Game vs Cleveland

With rumors swirling about Ben's potential retirement and this week's game vs. Cleveland possibly being his final performance at Heinz Field, I thought it would be a good time to relive his first-ever game against the Browns.

Enjoy the start of what has been an amazing ride. :)

Rookie of the year Ben Roethlisberger, becoming more comfortable and productive with each start, confuses Cleveland with his running and creativity as the Steelers win their 3rd in a row. After an early pass goes right through Randle El's hands and results in a pick 6 for Cleveland, Ben simply takes over.

The first classic Big Ben moment comes when Roethlisberger scrambles to his right to elude the rush and gets leveled by Orpheus Roye, but still finds Plaxico Burress deep downfield for 51 yards to the Cleveland 9. Two plays later, un-rattled by the hit, Big Ben powers up the middle for a 6-yard TD run.

Ben's mobility also sets up a 37-yard bomb to Burress that makes it 24-10 midway through the 3rd quarter. Roethlisberger rolls out of the pocket, freezing the defense and allowing Burress to slip five yards behind Cleveland DB's for an unguarded touchdown.

Burress makes 6 catches for 136 yards and Duce Staley compliments Roethlisberger's performance (16 of 21 for 231 yards, 1 TD pass, 1 TD run) by scoring on a 25-yard run on Pittsburgh's 3rd offensive play and gaining 117 yards on 21 carries, his 3rd consecutive 100-yard game. Meanwhile, Bettis scores his 6th TD of season.

I pray this Monday doesn't mark Ben's final game against the Browns. But if it does, I want to say from my heart:
I have enjoyed every single moment that you've been on the field as a Steeler. It has been a joy to watch you play the game the way it was meant to be played. You have brought tremendous honor to Steeler Nation and the city of Pittsburgh.

I hope you decide to play another year, but whenever you do hang up your cleats, your Gold Jacket awaits.

>>> Watch It Now! <<<

Explore (and watch for FREE) our extensive collection of classic Steelers games on MP4!

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Note: Games that are uploaded and ready to watch will have a green light    next to them on the list. If you don't see a green light, the game isn't there yet (but wil be coming soon).

Click to WATCH:

Swann Takes BRUTAL Hit, Doesn't Miss a Beat

Former Raider cheap-shot artist George Atkinson is full of $#!t about many things, most of all when it comes to Lynn Swann's toughness. This clip is from the '78 Flea Flicker game in which Swann takes one of the most brutal shots you will ever see. Had this happened in the modern era, it would've resulted in flags, fines and a likely suspension. But Swann simply bounces up, adjusts his facemask and trots back to the huddle. Not only does Swann not miss a single play, he continues to go fearlessly across the middle for the rest of the afternoon, making 5 of his game-leading 6 catches AFTER the hit, all of them in traffic.
>>> Swann Takes a Brutal Hit      

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Lynn Swann Super Bowl X - All 4 Catches

This never gets old to me. :) This video is a compilation of all 4 of the great Lynn Swann's catches in Super Bowl X, including the often overlooked "3rd catch." One thing is certain: Nobody made more from limited opportunities than Swannie. IMO, this is still the greatest Super Bowl Performance by a wide receiver.

Take note of the fantastic blocks by Rocky Bleier on both deep throws. He flips D.D. Lewis on his head on the first, then sends Cliff Harris head over heels on the second.
>>> Watch Swann Dominate Super Bowl X      

Click to WATCH:

Why Roger Staubach Retired in 1979...

Watch as L.C. Greenwood knocks Staubach out cold in the 4th quarter with an absolutely VICIOUS hit! Jolly Roger is scrambling around, trying to make something happen, and L.C. just UNLOADS on Staubach with a brutal helmet-to-helmet collision. It's not a cheap shot; Roger is under tremendous pressure, trying to scramble out of the grasp of Banaszak and Dunn and spins head first into the oncoming Greenwood, who just blows him up, sending the ball flying one way and Roger's consciousness the other. Staubach is out cold for several minutes on the field and spends the rest of the game on the sidelines, pondering retirement (or maybe just trying to remember his name).
>>> Watch the complete game...      

Click to WATCH:

Bill Cowher Mic'd Up (ESPN Feature, 1993)

An entertaining look (and listen) from Bill Cowher's second season as head coach. During Pittsburgh's 1993 drubbing of the previously undefeated Saints, ESPN mic'd up Bill Cowher for their semi-regular "Sound Tracks" feature. What ensues is a great window into the psyche of the young coach, giving us a glimpse of the passion, intensity and one-on-one communication style that made Cowher's players love, respect and relate to him so well.

Enjoy the video, and then take a look at Bill Cowher's remarkable 1992 debut season.
>>> Watch the 1992 Steelers Season...      

"My Fight with Jack Lambert"
An entertaining first-hand account of a rookie tight end's encounter with the legendary Hall of Fame LB

Special Feature
Pittsburgh Steelers
"I drilled him!"
"Lambert didn't see me coming until the last instant. He tried to square up but couldn't, and I drilled him -- just floored him. The play went for a score, and he got up cussing and yelling with the wildest eyes I've ever seen!" More...
Shared from a personal email we received from Mark Dufresne in December of 2003.

I was a failed Steeler draft choice as a tight end coming out of Nebraska in 1978 (7th round, selected 187th overall), but during my brief stint with the team, I experienced a couple of memorable Jack Lambert moments first hand that I thought your readers would enjoy.

Lambert was as intimidating in camp as he was in games... maybe even more so. Nobody messed with Jack. NOBODY. His respect was solid within the team. He was his own man and was not into political correctness in the slightest because I believe his heart was pure and he was comfortable within himself.

At our first team lunch with the vets in camp, we had to stand up and introduce ourselves -- rookies and star veterans alike -- and tell what school we played for. When it came his turn, Jack stood up on his chair and shouted like a Marine drill sergeant, "I'm Jack Lambert, I'm from Grambling and if you don't like it, you can kiss my skinny white a$$!" He sat back down without even a trace of a smile and the place just went nuts, howling and laughing. Grambling is, of course, a predominantly black state university in Louisiana...

>>> Read the Rest <<<    

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Big Ben Throws Record 12 TDs in 2 Games

During weeks 8 and 9 of the 2014 season, Big Ben Roethlisberger delivered the greatest two-game statistical performance by any QB in NFL history. This video highlights each of Ben's record-setting 12 touchdown passes. Enjoy!

Week 8 vs Indianapolis: 40/49, 522 yds, 6 TD, 0 Int
Week 9 vs Baltimore: 25/37, 340 yds, 6 TD, 0 Int

Click to WATCH:

Steelers 1974 Draft: Best in NFL History

There has never been a draft in the history of the NFL, by any team in any year, that was better than the Steelers' draft of 1974. Lynn Swann (1), Jack Lambert (2), John Stallworth (4) and Mike Webster (5) (plus undrafted free agent Donnie Shell), were each taken by the Steelers in the '74 draft... and each now resides forever in Canton. A staggering 17 rookies made the team in 1974, and amazingly, the team went on to win the Super Bowl. With the veterans sitting out training camp due to the NFL Players' strike, Chuck Noll was able to pay special attention to his prize crop of rookies. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Random pic of Jack Lambert kicking @$$... just because.

Big Ben vs Cleveland: 26-3-1

Well done, Big Ben. Your gold jacket awaits.

Click to WATCH
Immaculate Reception
"All 22" Wide Angle Game Film

Truly amazing wide angle "All 22" game film of the "Immaculate Reception." We edited it to show full speed, slow motion and added enhanced closeup views (along with the projector sound effect). Not sure who is responsible for making the raw footage available after nearly 50 years, but THANK YOU!

Watch 70's Steelers Games on MP4
Go ahead, get stuck in the '70s! Or the '80s, '90s or '00s! We've converted our extensive library of over 600 classic Steelers games (full games as they were originally broadcast by the networks) from VHS and DVD to MP4. You can relive these fantastic gridiron battles right here!

Games that are ready to watch have a green light next to them on the list. If you don't see a green light, the game ins't active yet but will be coming soon.
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As we upload additional classic games, new finds and add other features to the site, we'll note it here so you can easily find what's new.

Have a game we're missing or an upgrade? Please drop us a line!

Complete Game List - Updated 1/21/22:
For a complete list of our video library of classic Steelers games, click here.

Uploaded 1/21/22:
  2000 Steelers 20 at Browns 23 - NEW!

Uploaded 1/19/22:
  2012 Steelers 19 at Broncos 31 SNF - NEW!
  2012 Steelers 24 at Giants 20 - NEW!

Uploaded 1/17/22:
  2016 Wildcard Steelers 30 vs Dolphins 12 - NEW!

Uploaded 1/4/22:
  2016 Steelers 24 at Browns 9 - NEW!
  2017 Steelers 21 at Browns 18 - NEW!

Uploaded 12/23/21:
  SB XIII Local Postgame Coverage - NEW!

Uploaded 12/22/21:
  2016 Steelers 43 vs Chiefs 14 SNF - NEW!

Uploaded 12/21/21:
  1999 Steelers 6 at Jaguars 20 TNF - NEW!

Uploaded 12/19/21:
  2000 Steelers 0 vs Ravens 16 - NEW!

Uploaded 11/14/21:
  2001 Steelers 17 at Buccaneers 10 - NEW!

>>> More Games...      

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Jack Lambert Body Slams Former Teammate

I can't help but chuckle every time I watch this clip. Week in and week out, Jack Lambert was absolutely ON FIRE for the game of football. A blazing f-ing inferno. And when the stakes were high, Lambert somehow ratcheted his level of rage even higher. In the 1979 regular season finale vs. the Bills, the Steelers needed a victory to win the division and secure a bye. This ferocious tackle by Lambert, who picks up and body slams former teammate Mike Collier like a rag doll, is a concise resume of the butt-kicking the Steelers delivered that day as they steamrolled toward their 4th Super Bowl title.
>>> Watch the 1979 Steelers at Bills game...      

2020: The Year I Skipped the NFL

Sept. 14, 2020 -- For the first time since 1974, NFL opening weekend came and went and I didn't watch a single game. In fact, I didn't watch a single play. That's because I'm officially done with "current" NFL football.

I haven't read an NFL-related article in months. I punted my DirecTV/NFL Sunday Ticket subscription a couple of months ago. I'm so far gone that until a few days ago, I wasn't 100% sure the season started this weekend.

I've been a passionate Steelers fan since age 7, starting with Super Bowl X. I've attended 38 Steelers games over the last 25 years, all but one in Pittsburgh, despite living up to 5 hours away. I started this website 23 years ago as a tribute to the team of my youth. I still watch and enjoy these classic old broadcasts from the days when the NFL was still about football, and I'll continue to add missing classic games as they become available.

I have no interest in the current NFL. Ridiculous rule changes in recent years combined with over-politicization and social justice lip service (insincere pandering that ultimately helps no one) have made the current product unwatchable. Thankfully, Big Ten football is back.

Nice job, Goodell. You truly suck. That's okay... we don't need "no stinkin' NFL" at our house.

>>> Message Board: Ditching the NFL, Weeks 1-21

Week 1: What we did instead of wasting time on Roger Goodell's NFL

Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5

Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9

Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13

Week 14
Week 15
Week 16
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Week 18
Week 19
Week 20
Week 21

Click to WATCH:

Distant Replay: The Three Rivers Jinx

Webster's Dictionary defines the verb "hex" as "to affect if by an evil spell." In the NFL, hex is defined as "that which happened to the Cleveland Browns whenever they played in Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Stadium." From the facility's opening in 1970 through 1985, the Browns made 16 trips to Pittsburgh... and came home losers 16 times. This great "Distant Replay" clip from 1995 details the Three Rivers Jinx and features interviews with past coaches and players.

Nine of the sixteen original "jinx" games are available to watch on this site. Click below to watch a game:

1976 Steelers 31, Browns 14
1977 Steelers 35, Browns 31
1978 Steelers 15, Browns 9
1979 Steelers 33, Browns 30
1980 Steelers 16, Browns 13
1981 Steelers 13, Browns 7
1982 Steelers 37, Browns 21
1983 Steelers 44, Browns 17
1985 Steelers 10, Browns 9

Click to WATCH:

Big Ben's Amazing Rookie Season

2004 was a truly SPECIAL season for the Steelers, despite not hoisting a Lombardi at the end. It remains one of my favorite seasons of all time, and other than 1976, the 2004 squad was perhaps the best Steeler team to not win a Super Bowl. It was an incredibly fun year. Central to that fun was the birth of the Ben Roethlisberger era.

Ben elevated the team from the moment he stepped on the field. By his 3rd start, he was taking over games. He very quickly distinguished himself as the best player on offense, and his insertion into the starting lineup almost instantly transformed that team from talented underachiever to heavyweight contender. The young QB wasn't perfect... but he had "Hall of Fame" written all over him right from the start and the Steelers immediately began winning games with Ben that they would've lost without him.

Throughout his career, it's never been about what Ben has done "statistically." He's never been a particularly coveted fantasy football player, even in the midst of 5000-yard seasons. That's because fantasy football is 100% stats-based, and stats aren't what make Ben great. It's about what he does in BIG moments, clutch plays that "only" Ben Roethlisberger makes; that winning edge that he brought to the team from the moment he stepped on the field. Ben is largely defined by intangibles, but first and foremost, it's about WINNING. And he's been winning since the start.

This video features highlights from every regular season start of Ben Roethlisberger's amazing "Rookie of the Year" season in 2004. It's a long video (16-1/2 minutes), but I've watched it multiple times and it makes me smile every time.

Enjoy the video, and then go take a look at the remarkable 2004 season for a deeper look at one of the great teams in Pittsburgh Steelers history.
>>> Watch the 2004 Steelers Season...      

Click to WATCH:

Bradshaw: Best Bad Weather QB of All Time

Terry Bradshaw is perhaps best known for his great performances in big games. But Bradshaw was also arguably the best bad weather QB in NFL history. In harsh weather conditions where opposing QB couldn't seem to keep their footing, get a grip on the ball or throw on target, Terry was somehow able to drop dimes 50 yards downfield for touchdowns, throw perfect spirals and perform as if it was 65 and sunny.

Simply put, Bradshaw was a bad@$$. Enjoy this video with clips from several bad weather games from the 1970's (including two AFC Championships) and judge for yourself.
>>> The Best Bad Weather QB of All Time...   
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That time Rod Woodson used Marvin Harrison as a blocking dummy to tackle Marshall Faulk

1996 AFC Wildcard Game: Pro wrestling meets the NFL when Hall of Famer Rod Woodson, unable to position himself to tackle Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk, uses Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison's body like a blocking dummy to slam Faulk to the ground. Plain and simple, Rod Woodson was a BEAST.

Jerome Bettis Owns Urlacher

Here Comes the Bus!

Rarely can a Hall of Fame career be summed up in a single play. But needing a win to keep Pittsburgh's 2005 playoff hopes alive in blizzard conditions, Jerome Bettis delivers such a play in a collision that symbolizes not only his great 13-year career, but a generation of smashmouth football in Pittsburgh.

The 1976 Steeler Defense

Greatest Defense of All Time

At the start of the 1976 season, four losses in their first five games left the Steelers almost lifeless. When rookie QB Mike Kruczek took over for an injured Terry Bradshaw against he division-leading Cincinnati Bengals, the turning point was at hand.

The Steel Curtain answered the call and what followed was the most amazing defensive streak in modern hstory, the dimensions of which offer statistical delights to even the most casual football historians. After their 1-4 start, the Steelers win 10 straight games. The defense does not allow a touchdown in 22 consecutive quarters nor in 8 of the last 9 regular season games and totally blanks 5 of its last 8 opponents. Five shutouts and only 28 points allowed over 9 games, folks. There has never been anything like it in NFL history.

Donnie Shell Drills Earl Campbell

Pro Football Hall of Fame
Centennial Class of 2020

Watch Hall of Famer Donnie Shell's famous hit on Earl Campbell, badly bruising Campbell's ribs and sidelining him for the game as the Steelers go on to win 13-3, clinching the AFC Central crown.

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With our son Eric at Heinz Field
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With our son Craig at Heinz Field
2005 win over 'da Bears

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