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Multiple Steelers Webrings are a No-No
As outlined in our content criteria, members of the Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Ring are not permitted to have other Steelers webrings on their sites (although new applicants who are currently members of other Steelers rings will still be considered for membership in this Ring). Once a site has been voted into the Fan Ring, however, all other Steelers-related webrings must be eliminated from their site. Failure to do so will result in prompt removal from this Ring.

It's About Commitment and Distinction
This rule wasn't instituted to be "mean"... quite simply, the Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Ring has distinguished itself as THE Ring to join through our strong content criteria and commitment to excellence. As such, this Ring is comprised of quality sites with dedicated and knowledgeable webmasters. We simply ask that members commit to the characteristics outlined in our content criteria by committing to this Ring. Thus, no other webrings are permitted.

What About Unrelated WebRings?
Our restrictions apply only to other Steelers WebRings. Membership in non-Steelers webrings, such as the Original NFL Fan Ring, is permitted and encouraged.

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