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The Steelers Fan Ring: One for the Thumb
Welcome to the "Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Ring", the very FIRST (and in our humble opinion, the very finest) Steelers WebRing in the world! This ring contains dozens of great, fan-made Steelers-related websites from all over the net, each linked together in a circular fashion.

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The sole purpose of this WebRing is to give greater exposure to the BEST fan sites devoted to the Pittsburgh Steelers. How does it work? By utilizing the Steelers Fan Ring banner on any member site, you can click on the "Next Site" button to reach the next page in the ring. Repeatedly doing so will eventually bring you back to where you started, after navigating the entire ring. Other options include jumping over the next site (allowing surfers to continue in the ring in the event a page or system is unreachable), viewing a list of the next five sites, or even viewing the entire member listing with site descriptions.

Since the Ring's inception in May of 1997, our Panel of Voters has endeavored to insure that each site in the ring will present you with unique, relevant, and useful content. This is guaranteed by the site content criteria we've instituted; a set of standards new sites must meet in order to join the ring. We hope you enjoy your journey on the Fan Ring. Happy surfing, Steelers fans!

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Acknowledgements: A special thanks to Brian York for his commitment to excellence in the original development of the Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Ring. We will strive to maintain the high standard he set.

Also, thanks to Madrax for creating the ever-so-cool Steelers Fan Ring animated logo waaaay back in 1998. Your work has certainly withstood the test of time, Madrax!

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