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NFL Fan Ring

Our Mission...
Since the Ring's inception in May of 1997, our panel of voters has endeavored to insure that each site in the ring will present you with unique, relevant, and useful content. This is guaranteed by the site content criteria outlined below; a simple set of standards new sites must meet in order to join the ring.

The Criteria...
1. A potential member site should be clearly DEDICATED to the Steelers, with honest-to-goodness CONTENT. Please, if your Steelers page is an afterthought offering little save a few Steelers links and borrowed images, don't submit it to the ring.

2. We're looking for INTERESTING sites. What qualities deem a site "interesting"? Opinion, commentary, news, history, trivia, images & other multi-media (to name a few), but above all, originality and tangible CONTENT. If your site possesses many of these qualities, then you're probably a very good candidate for the ring.

3. If your site is "borrowing" images, sound files, or other content which originates from an existing ring member's site, please obtain permission from the source and give proper credit. Those who fail to do so may be rejected as candidates.

4. As the name indicates, the Steelers Fan Ring is for FAN SITES ONLY! If the page you're submitting is a commercial site, you will not be added to the ring.

5. Your Steelers Fan Ring Banner must be at the correct URL and be fully functional. CLICK HERE for more info on proper banner installation.

6. While members of the Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Ring are NOT permitted to have other Steelers webrings on their sites, new applicants who are currently members of other Steelers rings will be considered for membership in this Ring. Once a site has been voted into the Fan Ring, however, all other Steelers-related webrings must be eliminated from their site. Failure to do so will result in prompt removal from this Ring. CLICK HERE for more on our policy concerning other Steelers webrings.

7. Pages with broken links will be removed from the queue and asked to resubmit once their page is operating properly.

8. News-based sites dedicated to current events must be kept up-to-date. Sites that consist mostly of old, dated news from a season or two ago will be eliminated from the Ring. However, innactive sites that contain significant and unique "tribute" material or other relevant information are considered viable and will remain in the Ring.

9. Pages dedicated to other NFL teams or to the NFL as a whole should join the Original NFL Fan Ring.

10. Pages devoted to Pittsburgh sports in general should be submitted to a general sports WebRing. However, submission of a separarte Steelers-only section of a general sports site is permitted.

11. Content should maintain a level of "proper decorum". If you have to ask yourself, "Is this offensive?", then it probably is... if the panel of voters has to ask themselves, "Is this offensive?", then you're probably screwed. Just use common sense, folks.

Who Decides?
All new site applications are subject to a vote by the Panel of Voters of the Steelers Fan Ring. For more information on the voting process, CLICK HERE.

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