While I was glad to see the Steelers do the right thing this week by standing respectfully during the National Anthem, the Ravens chose to disgrace themselves by taking a knee for a phony "prayer" prior to the Anthem, for which they were lustily booed by their home crowd. Meanwhile, players on other NFL teams continue to disrespect the flag.

Roger Goodell could easily put an end to this nonsense. But presumably for the sake of political correctness, he continues to allow disrespectful players to sit, kneel, thrust a defiant fist in the air, etc. at a time when they should be honoring those to whom they owe their freedom. It's a slap in the face to our troops, vets and first responders.

I've been an avid Steelers fan since first grade. Old habits die hard, so I admit that I will continue to watch... at least, for now. But I've purchased my last jersey, my last game ticket, my last NFL Sunday Ticket package. No more memorabillia. No more T-shirts. No more Terrible Towels. Not one more red cent to this rudderless, disrespectful, out of touch league.

I've attended 37 Steelers games in person. To take a family of 4 to a game now costs $600-$800 for tickets, $50 for parking, $100 for crummy concession food, $50 gas (Heinz Field is a 5-1/2 hour drive for me, each way) plus another $250 for a hotel room. Does the NFL really think I'm going to continue to spend $1000 to take my family to see a bunch of spoiled, 20-something millionaires disrespect our country?

No thanks. Screw you, NFL. Your best days are behind you. I love what the NFL used to be. What it's become under Roger Goodell, I have no use for.