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Note: Games that have a green light    next to them are uploaded and ready to watch. If you don't see a green light, the game isn't uploaded yet (but wil be coming soon).


2001 Steelers 34 vs Titans 7 MNF
Pittsburgh feasts on turnovers and trickery and the offense finally breaks loose as the Steelers use a kicker (Kris Brown) to run for a first down, a wide receiver (Hines Ward) to throw passes and to run 36 yds for a first down, and Kordell Stewart actually completes multiple passes to a tight end (yes, a tight end!). Best of all, Plaxico Burress finally has a breakout game, catching 6 balls for 151 yds including a pair of deep, acrobatic catches that set up 2 Steeler TDs. Bettis scores 2 TDs and Stewart is solid, hitting 13 of 22 for 232 yds, a 3-yd TD pass (Ward), no INTs and a 2-yd rushing TD. Meanwhile, the defense recovers two fumbles, picks off two passes and sacks Steve McNair 3 times while throttling Eddie George, who manages just 13 yds on 10 carries. This game marks the last time the Steelers and Oilers/Titans meet as division rivals due to realignment and the win gives the Steelers sole possession of 1st place in the AFC Central. A special thanks to Keith "Crash" Froehlich for digitizing this game!

2001 Steelers 26 vs Ravens 21 SNF
Game summary coming soon.

2001 AFC Playoffs Steelers 27 vs Ravens 10
Despite non-stop pregame bragging by the Ravens and despite learning just before kickoff that Bettis wouldn't play because of a reaction to a painkilling shot, the Steelers simply overpower the defending champs, limiting Baltimore to 3 first downs through the first 3 quarters, allowing a puny average of 2.9 yds on 51 plays and controling the ball for nearly 20 more minutes. While Kordell Stewart is solid and plays relatively mistake-free football, Elvis Grbac suffers through a nightmare, throwing 3 devastating interceptions including 2 by Brent Alexander -- the first in the end zone to prevent the Ravens from getting back in the game with Pittsburgh up 10-0 and the second midway through the fourth quarter, ending any chance of Baltimore a comeback. Stewart is efficient, setting up both of Zereoue's scoring runs with effective passing and ultimately connecting with Burress on a 32-yard TD strike in the 4th quarter to salt the game away. Baltimore's only TD comes on an 88-yd punt return by Jermaine Lewis.


2002 Steelers 16 vs Browns 13 OT
The bizarre 100th meeting between the Steelers and Browns will forever be known as "The Do-Over." Trailing 13-6 late in the 4th quarter and facing a possible 0-3 start, Tommy Maddox comes off the bench to replace a struggling Kordell Stewart and pull out a MUST win, hitting 11 of 13 passes for 122 yards an a TD in a little less than a quarter of football. After tying the game on a TD pass to Burress to force overtime, Maddox' first pass in OT is picked off by the Browns. But Phil Dawson's 45-yd FG attempt bounces off Kimo von Oelhoffen's helmet and the Steelers have new life. The Steelers drive deep into Browns territory, but Todd Peterson's FG attempt is blocked on 2nd down. The Ball bounces back to Peterson, who in true kicker fashion fumbles as soon as he's hit and after a scramble, Fiala ultimately recovers the ball for Pittsburgh. Because the ball never crossed the line of scrimmage on the blocked FG attempt, the Steelers retain possession and Peterson makes good on his 31-yd "do-over" kick to win the game.

2002 Steelers 28 vs Colts 10 MNF
This what I call an ass-whipping. True, a Colt is not technically an "ass," but it is same genotype as the donkey and mule. Close enough for me. Maddox starts the game 12 of 15 for 151 yds and 1 TD and the game is, for all intents and purposes, over by halftime at 21-3. I attended this game specifically because Terry Bradshaw would be there for a halftime "homecoming" ceremony. This was Terry's first time on the field in Pittsburgh since his retirement in '83. Unfortunately and shockingly, Madden & Michaels make absolutely NO mention of Bradshaw's presence during the game and there is no coverage of the event, which was quite an amazing spectacle. A special thanks to Keith "Crash" Froehlich for digitizing this game!

2002 AFC Wildcard Steelers 36 vs Browns 33
Add "The Comeback" to the list of Cleveland playoff horrors ("The Drive" and "The Fumble") courtesy of NFL Comeback Player of the Year Tommy Maddox (30 of 48, 367 yds), who spearheads an amazing rally with 3 TD passes in the final 19 minutes as the Steelers overcome a 17-point deficit to defeat the Browns 36-33 in a thriller. In spite of having leads of 17-7 at the half, 24-7 in the third quarter and 33-21 with just over 10 minutes remaining, Cleveland's inability to run he ball and take time off the clock helps doom them. William Green, Cleveland's leading rusher, finishes with an embarrassing 30 yds on 25 carries... even more shocking when you consider that 23 of those yards came on one fluke run. Forced the throw late in the game in spite of their lead, Cleveland leaves Pittsburgh with plenty of time to cram 22 points into the 4th quarter. I've got to give a huge shout out to safety Mike Logan. With Cleveland leading 24-7 and poised to extend their lead inside the Pittsburgh 30, Mike Logan sells out to make a diving interception in which he tears his ACL, yet still gets to his feet an picks up another 15 yards on the return. Logan's pick is Cleveland's only turnover of the day, it prevents the Browns from putting the game out of reach and it leads to a Steeler TD as momentum finally begins to shift in Pittsburgh's favor. I was fortunate enough to attend this amazing game and I've never heard anything as loud as the roar of the Heinz Field crowd when Chris "Fu" Fuamatu-Ma'afala crossed the goal line on a draw from 3 yards out with 54 seconds remaining. One of my greatest personal moments as a Steelers fan.


2004 Steelers Complete Season
Click here to enjoy the entire 2004 Steelers season.


2005 Steelers Complete Season
Click here to enjoy the entire 2005 Steelers season.


2007 Steelers 38 vs Ravens 7 MNF
Ben throws 5 TDs in the first half! Game summary coming soon. A special thanks to Keith "Crash" Froehlich for generously providing us with this game.


2008 Steelers Complete Season
Click here to enjoy the entire 2008 Steelers season.


2009 Steelers 37 vs Packers 36
Roethlisberger throws for over 500 yards and wins the game on a TD pass to Mike Wallace as time expires. Game summary coming soon. A special thanks to Keith "Crash" Froehlich for generously providing us with this game.


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