Ben's Final Moments at Heinz Field
January 3, 2022
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Ben's Emotional Final Moments at Heinz Field
(I'm Not Crying... You're Crying)

Clip features the final 1:09 of the game and Ben's emotional goodbye to the fans.

Thank you, Ben. I have enjoyed every single moment that you've been on the field as a Steeler. It has been a joy to watch you play the game the way it was meant to be played. You have brought tremendous honor to Steeler Nation and the city of Pittsburgh.

You've been my favorite part of the last 18 years of Steeler football. No single player has meant more to the Steelers since the glory days of the '70s. You were the catalyst for a 1/3rd of Pittsburgh's Lombardi's and without you, those championships wouldn't be in Pittsburgh. You're a true throwback player who ranks among the greatest of the greats who've ever worn the black and gold at any position.

Blue collar and tough. But also creative and exciting, delivering some of the greatest improvisation the world has ever seen at QB. And above all, clutch. 41 fourth quarter comebacks; 53 game-winning drives. Only one QB in NFL history has more... and I'd take you over him any day.

Until the very end, I held out hope the retirement rumors were wrong. I'm sorry to see you go, but I love the way you chose to do it. I can tell you with zero shame, I shed a few tears in the moments after this game.

Again, thank you, Ben. Your Gold Jacket awaits. I can't wait to see you enshrined in Canton.

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