"The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid" - 1981 TV Movie (NBC Hour Special)      



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The Steeler and the Pittsburgh Kid

1981 TV Movie (NBC Hour Special)

Staring Joe Greene with Franco Harris and Harvey Martin

Mean Joe Greene and the Pittsburgh Steelers temporarily adopt a nine-year-old boy and they learn a valuable lesson from each other. Featured is a dream sequence where the kid plays quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This show is based on the award-winning 1979 Coca-Cola commercial where Mean Joe trades his jersey in exchange for a Coke from a kid. The commercial was so successful it was run all over the world and different versions were eventually filmed for different sports using the top athletes of the day.

Henry Thomas, who played the boy, also played Elliott in Steven Spielberg's E.T. the following year. Shot on location in Dallas at Texas Stadium. A local semi-pro team was used to fill out the roster.

A very special thank you to Brian Molka of Pittsburgh for generously contributing this rare recording!

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