2003 Steelers 40 vs Chargers 24
December 21, 2003
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2003 Steelers 40 vs Chargers 24

I attended this game at Heinz field and it's not what happens during the game but before the game that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how different and special the Pittsburgh Steelers are.

It was a 4 pm game but we were there way early and already in our usual parking spot at the corner of Allegheny and Western by 10:30 am or so. I was with a friend who had never been to a Steelers game before and in spite of temps in the mid-30's, we wanted to beat the crowd, wander around the stadium area a little and maybe hit some sports bars before the game.

As we're getting ready to head toward the stadium, we look across the street near McDonald's and there is none other than Mr. Dan Rooney -- all bundled up and by himself -- walking down Allegheny Ave. toward the stadium! So Billy and I looked at each other and then shouted, "Hey, Mr. Rooney! We love you, man," or something dorky along those lines and Mr. Rooney glanced up, gave a little half salute and continued his steady, rather stiff walk.

It was truly amazing. I mean, can you imagine the likes of Jerry Jones walking to the stadium? In cold weather, no less!

God bless the Rooney's for the wonderful example they set. Oh, yeah... the game was a nice win in the midst of a tough season. Strong performances by Bettis (32 carries, 115 yds, 1 TD), Maddox (11 of 18, 160 yds, 3 TDs) and Deshea Townsend (2 INTs, 1 TD).

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