1999 Steelers 15 vs Browns 16
November 14, 1999
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1999 Steelers 15 vs Browns 16

Inconceivable. Inexplicable. Inexcusable. From the 1-8 expansion Browns' seemingly effortless 80-yd TD drive on their opening possession to Kordell's Stewart's awful, tide-turning 4th quarter INT -- right to a Browns defender deep in Pittsburgh territory -- this game is an utter embarrassment. Horrible offense, horrible defense, horrible coaching. Every bit of it sucks. Jerome Bettis is the lone bright spot with 99 yds rushing. But it takes him 26 tries and his longest run of the day is only 8 yds. If you're a Browns fan, enjoy. If you're a Steelers fans... have a barf bag handy.

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