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1995 Steelers 49 at Bengals 31

One of the greatest comebacks in franchise history! This is definitely one of my favorite "90s-era" games. The Bungles had already embarrassed the Steelers 27-9 a few weeks earlier before a stunned Three Rivers crowd, dropping Pittsburgh to 3-4 and threatening to end the team's playoff hopes just midway through the season. This time, the Bengals jump out to a 21-3 advantage just one series into the 2nd quarter, and still hold a 31-13 lead early in the 3rd after they march down the field for a TD on their opening drive of the 2nd half.

Already counting his chickens, Dave Shula is absolutely tickled pink on the sideline, so much so that he actually taunts Pittsburgh players. His euphoria evaporates rather quickly over the next quarter and a half, however, as he watches his coaching career go down the tubes (you can almost hear the giant flushing sound at Riverfront Stadium), the victim of 36 unanswered points by Pittsburgh.

O'Donnell throws for a career-high 377 yards and 3 TDs and Morris rushes for 101 yards and three scores. Pittsburgh scores 5 straight TDs while the defense allows Cinci only one 1st down on its final four possessions.

There are many memorable moments in this pivotal game, but the image that will stay with me till the day I die is that of Kordell "Slash" Stewart's electrifying 71-yard TD grab. On 3rd and long, O'Donnell finds a wide-open Stewart over the middle about 20 yards downfield. Slash somehow knifes between two DBs, then turns on the afterburners, completing the play with a 360 degree pirouette as he slips out of the grasp of a defender en route to the end zone. Stewart's play gives the Steelers their first lead of the game, solidifies Kordell's superstar status as "Slash" and ostensibly ends David Shula's coaching career.

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