1983 Steelers 10 vs Broncos 14
September 4, 1983
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1983 Steelers 10 vs Broncos 14

John Elway gets off to an inglorious start to his NFL career, connecting on only 1 of 8 passes for 14 yds while suffering 4 sacks, a fumble and a interception plus an intentional grounding call before being knocked out of the game before halftime with a bruised elbow.

But the Steelers, playing without the services of injured Terry Bradshaw, prove to be their own worst enemy, turning the ball over 7 times; 4 fumbles (2 by Franco) and 3 INTs by Cliff Stoudt. Steve DeBerg comes off the bench and -- despite completing only 4 of 8 passes for 35 yds and being sacked 3 times in a game where Denver was held to an unthinkably puny 1 net yard passing -- somehow wins the game on a late 2-yd TD pass.

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