1981 Steelers vs Rams (Nov 29, 1981)      


1981 Season

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1981 Steelers 24 vs Rams 0

A simply brutal butt-kicking. Jack Lambert is seemingly everywhere as the Steelers pound Rams in a Super Bowl rematch at Three Rivers Stadium. "Count Dracula in Cleats" gets up close and personal with Wendell Tyler early in the game and plays like a man possessed for the rest of the afternoon. Wendell never should've poked the bear, because Lambert seeks him out several times for additional punishment.

Outstanding performances are also delivered by Franco Harris (18 carries, 114 yds, 1 TD), Mel Blount and Jack Ham. Rams QB Pat Haden gets knocked out of the game early after being intercepted by Ham and the Steel Curtain proceeds to beat backup Dan Pastorini like an ugly stepchild, intercepting him 3 times (2 by Blount) and nailing him for 3 sacks.

While the Steelers score 21 points in the first 17 minutes of the game, the Rams manage just 2 first downs in the 1st half, entering Pittsburgh territory only once via a fumble recovery, and their only scoring chance dies when Frank Corral's FG attempt is blocked. Lynn Swann catches a 9-yd TD from Bradshaw early in the 2nd quarter, but ends up hospitalized with a bruised lung after coughing up blood. Bradshaw passes sparingly for 204 yds and the Steelers rush 44 times for 211 yds while holding the Rams to just 174 yds of total offense.

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