1981 Steelers vs Browns (Oct 11, 1981)      


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1981 Steelers 13 vs Browns 7

Another classic! Several things stand out in my mind about this game: Swann's unthinkable drop of a sure TD bomb from Bradshaw; Swann's impossible grab of a 40-yard bomb down the right sideline; Blount's eye-popping hit on Calvin Hill.

But above all, it's Lambert's BRUTAL, game-ending hit on Brian Sipe that I remember. The second in the trilogy of Lambert/Sipe run-ins, this one is easily the most vicious. Just as Sipe unleashes the ball, Lambert UNLOADS on him full blast, nearly ripping Sipe's head off with a dual forearm-to-the-head shot. Of course, flags fly. I'm telling you, I'm surprised it didn't kill Sipe (and frankly, he probably wished it had).

As an added bonus, the cameras frequently pan to a dazed Sipe slumping on the bench with a towel over his head, clearly not knowing what planet he's on. Glorious! As usual, this one goes right down to the wire as Cleveland's "Three Rivers Jinx" continues.

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