1979 Steelers vs Broncos MNF (Oct 22, 1979)      


1979 Season

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1979 Steelers 42 vs Broncos 7 MNF

It's hard not to feel at least a little sympathy for the Broncos in this one. The Steelers, fresh off a shocking 9-turnover defeat at the hands of the previously winless Bengals, are ill-tempered and out for blood, giving the Broncos their worst beat-down since 1968.

From the outset, the Steelers are able to do anything and everything they want offensively, piling up 530 yards and outgaining Denver on the ground by a whopping 236 to 53 margin. Franco Harris (17 att, 121 yds, 2 TD) looks absolutely amazing in this game, gliding, cutting back and running people over while Terry Bradshaw (18 of 24, 267 yds, 2 TDs) is devastating and precise. Lynn Swann, back in action despite nursing a hamstring pull, rips Denver for 76 yds and a TD on his 2 catches.

Denver manages to score early on a fluke 64-yd bomb to Moses, but the Broncos soon settle in for an evening of offensive futility. While the Orange Crush fails to lay a hand on Bradshaw, Craig Morton is sacked 4 times and pressured into numerous off-target throws (including INTs by Lambert and Shell) as the Steelers win easily and convincingly in front of Howard Cosell, Dandy Don Meredith and Frank Gifford.

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